Site Mission

Our mission is to document businesses identified as being involved in the 2022 Freedom Convoy protest and subsequent occupation of Ottawa. By archiving and tagging we hope to create a detailed record of the scale of this occupation. We will only be posting clear photos where we can both verify the business name and the fact that the photo was taken in Ottawa. Close-ups, blurry shots, or photos outside of Ottawa will not be posted.

We are not accepting any financial support. No direct donations, no fundraisers. If you see any associated with the site, they are not condoned by us. If you still want to donate, please consider choosing to one of the many Ottawa charities that have been impacted by the protests and subsequent occupation.

Please don’t assume that because a business was represented at the protest that they condoned the actions of their drivers. Many trucking businesses are owner/operators, working under contract for a parent company. Businesses, you should be more careful about who associates with your name.